Are you a small business operating in Beaverton Oregon?  Are you ready to dive into a new website design or web site development project?  I recorded a video just for you.   In this video, I cover 3 specific things you should consider before pulling the trigger on hiring a new web developer for your Beaverton web design project.

3 Things You Should Do Before You Hire A Web Site Designer in Beaverton (Portland Oregon Area)

1. There are lots of website developers in Beaverton.  I would recommend that you call around and talk with a few different Beaverton web developers to make sure you have a similar communication pattern. We all have different types of people we mesh with, make sure you like speaking with your Beaverton web developer and they make you feel comfortable.

2. Ask for a resume so you can see if he is technically able to do it.  Perhaps he has other clients in the Beaverton area.  Ask him for examples.

3. Ask the developer for results. I produce traffic and leads for my clients, so my clients in Beaverton know what to expect when they hire me.

Even if  you only want to hire a Beaverton web developer to do a simple brochure site and you aren’t looking for traffic and leads but you just need a home on the web.  Follow the steps above so you make a the most educated decision you can when choosing a web designer in Beaverton Oregon.