My name is Lindsey Anderson, and I am the owner of Beaverton Web Design.  I also own a few other web development entities.  I am the founder and CEO of and Web Impakt.   I have been successfully helping small businesses utilize web technologies to succeed.    I have experience launching everything from simple web pages to enterprise level systems.

Beaverton Web Designs can help you with your Beaverton Web Design needs.  I have a team of 10+ people that can help make a great web for your small business.  We don’t just specialize in Beaverton Web Design but we actually know how to drive Traffic and Leads to your website as well.  What good is a website without traffic?  What good is Beaverton web site traffic without it producing leads for your small business?  We can help with all of your web development and online marketing needs.

Yes, we provide these service for people all over the country but Beaverton Web Design is dedicated to the place I call home, Beaverton Oregon.  We are here for the small business of Beaverton Oregon and can provide high quality,  results oriented Beaverton Web Designs and online marketing.