Are you feeling overwhelmed when you face promoting your business on the internet? Maybe you don’t know where to start. There are a lot of aspects to keep up with in the business world, especially with the expansion of social media and search engines. It’s important to carve out a little section of the world wide web for your work. Here are some quick tips on how to increase website visitors.

A few quick notes:

  • Use Facebook as a marketing tool in creating a Facebook business page. Reach out, contact others and promote your website. This is separate from your personal Facebook page. You can reach out to your friends through it, however, and invite them to spread the word. You can also share your business posts on your own personal page to reach further out.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Learn about SEO and investigate different websites when it comes to SEO Support. This connects your website to relevant searches when attaching key words from the search engine to your page. These can connect to the purpose of your page as well as titles and subjects of blog posts.
  • Promote through Twitter – yes, twitter! Start tweeting about the subject your webpage is focused on. Tips, tricks, tidbits of information. Whatever is applicable.
  • Focus more energy on a headline. That is what grabs attention and invites people to look further. If you can’t hook them with a headline, they will move on.
  • Headlines connect to blogs – start a blog on your page. Have key words that will show up in searches. Consistently blog and start generating more traffic.
  • Look for websites on related topics to what your own is promoting. Reach out and start to offer pieces of advice on theirs in exchange for posts back and forth. Think of it like a Sister-Site and partnership. This is teamwork and you can help support one another rather than treating it like a competition where only one can come out on top.
  • Post some of these activities on that Facebook page we mentioned earlier. This keeps people interested. Don’t be afraid to utilize Facebook’s marketing option as well. You can invest just a couple of dollars and choose the audience that the advertisements will reach and you’ll find that you’ve reached out to a whole new world that you didn’t access before.
  • When you have a website, use a consistent brand name all across the board. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. All of these should have your website and brand name in common. Don’t change them every time you make a new account somewhere, that will only make it confusing and frustrating for your audience.

These are just some methods on how to increase website visitors. Ultimately you can dive into all of these different tips and expand on them. It may seem like a lot to manage different accounts. Keep consistent and before you know it you’ll be in the habit of managing your social media like a pro and more traffic will be reaching your website.